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  Who is Jeff Danoff?

Jeff Danoff was born in Springfield Mass, as John Danoff but grew up with the nickname "Jeff" or "Jeffy". Jeff and his family have lived in and around Hollywood since 1960. Jeff went to elementary school in Hollywood and high school in the San Fernando Valley @ Chatsworth & Anderson High School in the 70's. JD competed on the Pierce College Rodeo Team in the late 70's as well. Jeff has been a professional rodeo cowboy, a fencing contractor, and a jack-of-all-trades before settling down in a career in the motion picture industry as a stunt coordinator and a stuntman....

Jeff's HeadShot & Resume

Here you can download a current pdf. of my Resume & Headshot for your convenience. I have a many different types of looks and per your request I can take a picture of myself that day and send it to you! Please call or email me for anything more specific. I am ready to work and have a current passport in hand! JeffDanoff@aol.com or My Headshot & Resume Download or My imdb or My Reel.

 Where is Jeff now?

If you are curious about where Jeff may be right now, then you should contact him and see what he is up to. Some of the best ways to contact Jeff is to try calling him or sending him an email also works. "I always love to catch up with old friends so contact me today," J.D.! (661) 803-2210 (Mobile) JeffDanoff@aol.com


I have an extensive list of services that I can provide you with.


As a "Producer" of your project I strive to save as much money as possible but without compromise to your Production.


As the"Director" of your project I always try to make the work atmosphere as fun and productive as possible when telling the story.


Action/Stunt Coordinator

With over 45 years of professional experience I can provide your project the best in "Stunt Coordination" and stunt services available.



My handsome rugged looks and my balls of steel make me ready to work on any project anywhere in the universe.



Our high desert film studio is located in the foothills of Palmdale and overlooks the vast Antelope Valley with Mt. Emma as a backdrop.


I offer an extensive list of film and stunt equipment for your project. Contact me for a complete list or a price quote.



Here is an assortment of pictures that I have put together for your enjoyment.

My Other Websites

Here are some of my other websites that you may be interested in.



Stunt Ramps

Specialty Stunt Ramps

Shoot My Place

High Desert Film Studio

John Deere Lane

New 1 hr television pilot.

Contacts/Info for Jeff

Here are a few ways to contact Jeff Danoff. Please feel free to contact him at your convenience. Have a great day and be safe!